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• Standard :  usually in 4-7 business days
• Express   :  1-3 business days

We offer competitive prices while maintaining the highest quality.

Fees depend on your document's size, initial quality, complexity, intended use, and turnaround time.  Large or particularly well-written documents are eligible for discounts.  Please click here to obtain a price quote for your document.

We accept euros, US dollars, Japanese yen, and Swiss francs.

Authors sometimes make additions or changes while reviewing their edited documents.  ACADEMICWORD will check minor changes at no extra charge, as part of our follow-up service.

Re-editing of substantial changes to the edited text is subject to the usual editing fee, but we charge you only for the sentences you modify or add.

Extensive changes requiring re-editing of the entire text are charged at 50-70% of the regular fee.

For a fast and free quote, please click here.

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