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David Levy (MD, Yale; MPP, Harvard)
David is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of ACADEMICWORD.  He received his M.D. from Yale University, where he did his thesis research in neurophysiology.  He received his M.P.P. in health policy and economics from Harvard University, where he wrote his thesis on development and population health.  He was a visiting lecturer in economics at Boston University, and worked in medical research consulting for several years prior to founding ACADEMICWORD.

Michael Schlomowitsch (JD, Univ. of Zurich; LL.M, NYU)
Michael is a co-founder and head of management of ACADEMICWORD.  He received his J.D., magna cum laude, from the University of Zurich and his LL.M in international taxation from New York University.  He has worked for Frick, Neupert & Partners of Switzerland, the City of New York's law department, and as a senior consultant with Deloitte & Touche prior to founding ACADEMICWORD.
Esther Zirbel
Esther received her Ph.D. in astrophysics from Yale University.  She has held several faculty positions and worked at the Space Telescope Science Institute.  She is currently a research professor at Tufts University.  Esther speaks English, German, Turkish, French, and Spanish.
Yurika Kurakata
Yurika has lived her life between Japan and America. She was born in the United States, then moved to Japan, where she received her bachelor's degree from the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo. She returned to the United States to pursue her master's degree in education at Harvard. Her experience includes teaching at the Keio Academy of New York (affiliated with Keio University in Japan), working for the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study at Harvard and more recently, serving the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture at Columbia University as its Associate Director.
Hsing Hsing Li
Hsing Hsing is fluent in English and Chinese, and has lived in both the United States and China. Her time and education in each country have given her a profound understanding of both cultures. She received her bachelor's degree in operations research from Columbia University and is currently a specialist in the financial services industry.
Bradley Cohn
Brad received his bachelor's degree from Duke University and his law degree from the University of Michigan.  He is currently an adjunct professor of law at DePaul University, where he teaches legal writing, and is a partner in the law firm Pattishall, McAuliffe.

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